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Teaseed Oil Extraction Machine


Type: crude oil extraction from teaseed cake

Processing Material: teaseed

Capacity: 30-500T/D

Major equipment: extractor, D.T.D.C desolventizer-toaster, 1st evaportator, 2nd evaporator stripping tower, dryer, condenser, absorber

Application: crude teaseed oil extraction for pre-press extraction of high oil content material and direct one time extraction of low oil content material such as oil tea cake, teaseed cake, coconut cake, peanut, sesame

Lingfine teaseed oil extraction technology adopts advanced and the best-scheduled oil extraction method through soaking or spraying pre-pressed teaseed cake by organic solvent. This scientific edible oil extraction process line ensures stable and reliable operation, high oil yield, and low residual oil.

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