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Rice Bran Protein Technology


Type: rice bran protein extraction

Material: extracted rice bran cake

Capacity: 30-500T/D

Major equipment: immersion cleaner, evaporator, vacuum dryer, acidification tank, washing tank, spray drying tower, centrifuge

Application: advance rice bran protein technology obtains high quality rice bran protein and fulfills dietary requirement

Lingfine national patent product (CN 101536727 B) of rice bran protein production line can effectively extract rice bran protein through processes of rice bran separation, granulation, drying, extraction, low temperature precipitation, defatted seed meal extraction, secondary separation, acid deposition, curd separation, neutralization, sterilization, pressurization, spray drying, and packaging. The scientific designed rice bran protein project realizes integrated scale and industrial production, providing innovative approaches for deep processing of rice bran.

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