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Oilseed Cleaning Section


Oilseed cleaning section can remove all contained impurities in oilseeds. Oilseed cleaning requires strict control of impurity content in oilseeds, and oil content in waste after cleaning process.

Oilseeds cleaning section ensures high quality oilseeds for pretreatment and oil press machine processing. Oilseeds limited impurity content after cleaning up is as below:

Cold oil pressing soybean: < 0.05

High temperature oil pressing soybean: < 0.1

Sunflower kernels (with shell) : <10

Sesame: < 0.1

Peanuts: < 0.1

Rapeseed: < 0.5

Rice bran: < 0.05

Screening. Screening utilizes the difference between size of oil and impurities to make high efficiency separation of impurities by sieve hole. Screening equipments are available with fixed screening, vibration screening and rotation screening.

Winnowing. Winnowing utilizes the suspended speed difference between oilseeds and impurity to remove impurities by wind. Winnowing can clean light impurities and dusts, parts of heavy stones and clods and other impurities. Winnowing is applicable for cleaning of cottonseeds and sunflowers. Wind selector contains suction and blowing types.

Magnetic separator. It uses magnetic to remove metal impurities inside oilseeds.

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