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Fragrant Peanut Oil Press Machine


Fragrant peanut oil press machine obtains peanut oil directly from peanut raw material. Peanuts are high oil content oilseeds, usually oil press processing line is adopted to obtain fragrant panut oil. Fragrant peanut oil has unique flavor and high nutrition value, is a very popular and important edible oil in our daily life.

Fragrant peanut oil press machine allows high capacity processing of high oil content peanuts into fragrant peanut oil efficiently. The full peanut oil press processing line covers: Raw material, cleaning, classification, drying and cooling, roasting and cooking, suction cooling, flaking, steamed frying, peanut oil pressThe advanced design of fragrant peanut oil press configuration enables high capacity peanut oil production with high purity and low residual oil.

● Peanuts cleaning.

● Classification. Sizing screen isolates immature granulocytes, moldy grain, broken grain and other imperfection parts of peanuts raw materials.

● Drying and cooling. Air dryer can be used for peanut raw material drying. Control peanut moisture between 5%-6% after drying, and reduce oil particles temperature below 40 ℃ with cold air quickly.

● Peanut crushing and peeling. Roll crusher removes red coat from peanuts, wind suction flat screen will suck out the red coat after peanut crushing. The isolated peanut red coat can be used as pharmaceutical and chemical raw materials.

● Hot roasting. Send 25%-30% peanuts materials into hot air furnace and heating to 180 ℃ ~ 200 ℃. Roasting temperature is key factor to produce scented fragrant peanut oil.

● Cooling and grits rolling. Rapid cooling is in need after roasting in order to prevent oilseeds pasting and spontaneous. Crusher breaks peanut into crushed granular.

● Steaming and roasting. Vertical steaming boiler processes material with discharge temperature of 108 ℃ ~ 112 ℃, and 5% to 7% moisture, ensuring rich peanut oil flavor. The indirect steam pressure of steam boiler should be not less than 0.6mPa.

● Peanut oil press. The adoption of screw oil press machine keeps press temperature of 135 ℃, moisture of 1.5% to 2%, peanut press cake residual of 9% to 10%.Crude peanut oil after precipitation and vertical leaf filter filtration is sent to peanut oil refining plant. Peanut oil cake after oil press process is sent to oil extraction plant for secondary extraction. Extracted crude oil after refining is sold as ordinary oil.

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