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Cottonseed Protein Dephenolization Technology


Type: cottonseed protein dephenolization machine and complete set of production lineProcessing Material: cottonseed

Capacity: 100T/D-1500T/D

Major equipment: immersion cleaner, evaporator, vacuum dryer, acidification tank, washing tank, spray drying tower, centrifuge

Application: advanced cottonseed protein dephenolizaiton technology to obtain high quality cottonseed protein

Lingfine invention patent product (patent no. ZL200510001751.6.) of cottonseed protein dephenolization production line fulfills continuous and mechanized production of cottonseed protein with CE, BV, and ISO 9001 approval. This international advanced cottonseed protein technology designed compact process of crushing, immersing, drying with stable operation, low solvent consumption, low production cost, high oil yield, complete dephenolization, high quality cottonseed protein and low residual methanol content etc.

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